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Welcome to the ’Refocus Your Photography Business’ podcast with John Glaser, where we empower aspiring photographers to unleash their full creative potential and thrive in the competitive world of photography. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to expand your business or a passionate beginner eager to take those first steps, this podcast is your ultimate guide. Join us as we bring you inspiring success stories from renowned photographers, industry experts, and marketing gurus who have mastered the art of growing their businesses. Each episode will be packed with practical tips, actionable strategies, and insider insights that will help you navigate through challenges, overcome hurdles, and discover untapped opportunities. No more feeling lost or overwhelmed! Tune in every week as we unravel the secrets behind building a solid brand, effectively marketing your work, and connecting with your ideal clients. From social media strategies to pricing your services, we’ve got you covered. Whether you dream of running a thriving photography studio, capturing breathtaking landscapes, or becoming the go-to portrait photographer in your area, this podcast is your compass for success. It’s time to turn your passion for photography into a thriving business and unleash the photographer prodigy within you. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your photography journey. Subscribe now and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!

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Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

Hey there, everybody! It's John with Refocus Your Photography Business and John Glaser Photography. Welcome to episode 39 where we have an incredible guest, Adam Goldberg, a phenomenal pet photographer from Florida.
Adam has been doing some amazing things in his business, from book projects to working with local shelters, and even getting sponsors for photo sessions. Oh, and we wrap up our conversation with a little chat about Profit First, a game-changing approach to managing your business finances. Fun fact: Adam and I share the same Profit First professional, Venus Michael, and she's been an absolute gem in helping us make our businesses more profitable.
Adam's journey into pet photography is truly inspiring. Starting in 2013 at an animal shelter, he was hired to revamp their website but ended up teaching himself photography to improve the shelter's pet photos. His passion for showcasing the personality of pit bulls and other pets quickly grew, and he soon became known for his incredible work.
One of the standout aspects of Adam's business is his success with book projects. His project, "Tales of Gratitude," features thank you notes from people to their pets, beautifully captured in his studio. If you're thinking about starting a book project, Adam shares some invaluable tips on how to get started and make it successful.
Adam also discusses the importance of building strong relationships with shelters and rescues. He emphasizes the need for clear communication and setting realistic expectations to ensure that the partnership benefits both parties.
We also dive into Adam's innovative sponsorship program, where businesses sponsor adoption photos for shelter pets. This not only helps the pets find homes faster but also supports Adam's business. It's a win-win!
And let's not forget our chat about Profit First. If you're not familiar with it, it's a revolutionary approach to managing your business finances, ensuring that you pay yourself first and keep your business profitable. Both Adam and I have seen tremendous benefits from working with Venus, our Profit First professional.
Adam's story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and innovation in building a successful photography business. Whether you're a pet photographer or just someone looking for inspiration, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice.
Topic Covered
Transitioning your pet photography from a hobby into a business
Book projects and photography business challenges 
Book projects for charity
Lead Generation for book projects
Partnering with shelters for book projects focusing on relationships
Partnering with shelters and fosters for adoption photos 
Using your photography business to help shelter pets get adopted
Using social media to build your brand and business 
Profit-first business strategies 
Profit management and revenue streams 
Profit-first strategies for photographers with a focus on saving for the future
Adams Website:
Venus Michaels (Photography Profit First Professional):
Profit First Book:
Refocus Your Photography Business Facebook Group:

Tuesday May 21, 2024

Join us for an enlightening episode of Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, hosted by John Glaser. As we delve into the extensive realm of Fundy, the innovative photography software, we shed light on its robust capabilities, how it can revolutionize your sales process, and practical advice for utilizing it effectively.
Andrew Funderberg, the creator and owner of Fundy, shares how this tool has simplified the process of selling photographs. He elaborates on the ease of album design creation, managing collections, and introducing the concept of auto-designs. Additionally, we explore advanced photo retouching, design specifics, and the noteworthy five-star photo feature.
You'll learn the benefits of Fundy's dynamic album pricing function and how the software can be used to create instrumental promotional tools such as holiday and senior invite cards. We also discuss the valuable insights into how using Fundy can amplify your sales, and how to navigate in-person sales using the software.
Blending practical advice with real-world examples, we guide you in maximizing Fundy's potential to enhance your sales process and client experience. Make your photography sales journey a breeze with our step-by-step guide on harnessing the potential of Fundy. Tune in to boost your understanding of photo sales dynamics and equip yourself with indispensable knowledge with this engaging episode.
Topics Covered 
How Fundy founder Andrew Funderberg developed a platform for automating album design and sales
Automating photo editing and design for faster sales sessions 
Using Fundy for photo sales, highlighting albums and wall art design features 
Using photo cards for marketing and organic promotion 
Streamlining your sales processes 
Tips of beginners 
Fundy support, features, and future developments 
Slideshow updates
Using Fundy after editing and synching edited photos for printing
Zoom sales for photographers 
Using Fundy to increase wedding and portrait sales. 
50K Extra:
Fundy Storyteller Design Group Facebook:
Refocus Your Photography Business Facebook Group:

Wednesday May 15, 2024

Join acclaimed host John Glaser and renowned headshot photographer, Mike Schacht, in an insightful episode of Refocus Your Photography Business. This episode uncovers an in-depth discussion on building a successful photography business, with a focus on customer relationships, brand distinction, effective marketing, and authentic business practices.
Dwell into Mike Schacht's fascinating journey from the home building industry and surviving the 2008 economic crunch to becoming a successful photographer and business strategist. Explore unique perspectives on building a strong business brand, maintaining customer relationships, the psychology of business, and much more.
The episode delves into strategies to generate business growth; delving into subjects like the power of authenticity and connection, value of brand differentiation, the role of your website in a business, and harnessing the 'shadow self.' The role of authenticity in marketing, and the pitfalls of mimicking success are effectively explored.
This episode also navigates into the intersection of relationships, social media, and business growth strategies in photography. The effectiveness of networking and smart gear purchasing, the importance of continuous learning, and handling pricing structures with clients are also significantly discussed to guide budding photography businessmen.
In this engaging episode, Mike also underscores his philosophy for success: elevating customer experience and aligning your business model with your personal values. He recounts how transparency in pricing lead to better business performance and personal satisfaction. His venture into customer psychology and photographer-client relationship dynamics are filled with practical wisdom beneficial to fellow photographers.
Listeners are finally treated with Mike's generous offer to book personal business consultations, flaunting a golden opportunity to learn from his wealth of knowledge. With insights backed by real-life stories and experiences, this episode is a must-listen for budding photographers everywhere!
Topics Covered:
Balancing photography and business skills
Photography industry lack of differentiation and unique branding
Differentiating yourself from our Competitors
How to make your website more effective for business growth by making it personal
Using personal connections to create a comfortable atmosphere for your client
Pricing strategies that focus on the ideal client
Finding your unique voice in photography
Embracing authenticity and vulnerability in personal branding
Building confidence in your photography business
Prioritizing relationships in your business
Focusing on the clients needs
Business growth and branding
Mike Schacht Website:
Refocus Your Photography Business Facebook Group:
Refocus Your Photography Business Education Subscription:

Monday May 06, 2024

In this episode of Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, gain insightful knowledge about the world of business text messaging from Jared Clark, president of Skipio, a leading business texting platform. Discover why texting platforms are essential for businesses aiming for effective communication and expansion.
Learn from Jared's deep dive into the significance of texting and how it can revolutionize your business. Different types of messaging services like 10-digit phone number, toll-free number, short code, and their crucial roles in today's business scenario are explained. Master the art of avoiding common texting blunders and adopt a person-to-person approach for an authentic business texting experience.
This episode not only emphasizes the importance of strategic text messaging but also explores the art of crafting engaging text messages. Understand how to frame it, when to initiate it, and the subtleties that can transform your engagement. Learn how your distinct messaging style can set you apart from your competitors and how quick responses can lead to increased customer satisfaction and sales boost.
Delve deep into the ethics of texting and witness how honoring the 'social contract' of texting can affect your business communication. Discover the ideal platforms for executing an efficient texting strategy and how to integrate text messages into your overall communications plan harmoniously.
Go beyond product pictures and appreciate the fact that customers care more about you and the unique experiences you provide. Navigate through the frustrations of registering with carriers and discover the importance of texting etiquette. Unveil advanced features of texting systems like scheduling messages, automating responses, running multiple numbers under one device, and much more.
Finally, Jared emphasizes maintaining boundaries and using texting responsibly. With practical advice and simple strategies, revolutionize your customer interaction process and achieve great returns for your business. A must-listen episode for all businesses, small or large, looking to improve their customer communication!
Topics covered: 
Text messaging services and their differences
Messaging and communication methods for businesses
Using text messaging for business, with tips on how to personalize messages and avoid common mistakes
Text messaging strategies, including emojis and brevity
Using emojis in text messaging to convey emotion and improve communication
The benefits of using Skipio for text messaging, including ease of use and increased deliverability
Using automation tools for text messaging in business
Text Message marketing strategies for photographers
Using text messaging to connect with clients and build trust
The importance of texting for businesses, using Skipio as an example
Check out Skipio here -
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Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

In the 35th episode of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, seasoned headshot photographer and SEO expert, Richard Wayne, shares his profound knowledge on the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) for photography businesses. The episode offers an insightful guide to website development, tackling the importance of an intuitive design, effective content formation, and the strategic use of AI tools. The topic extends to sensible utilization of SEO tactics in blog posts, with practical tips on keyword research and the proper use of tags.
Throughout the episode, Richard delves deeper into his own SEO journey, covering his initial encounter with SEO needs for his first website to becoming proficient in web development languages. He stresses the importance of functional web design and SEO, moving beyond the aesthetics of a website. Richard emphasizes the understanding of header and alt tags, and shares his techniques for integrating valuable search terms into your content to attract more clients.
Besides focusing on SEO journey, Richard also talks about his successful headshot and studio business in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This episode will inspire you not only to improve your digital presence but also to think about how you can expand your own photography business.
Additionally, Richard walks the listeners through his daily SEO practices, including maintaining an active Google business profile and building a good online reputation through customer reviews. He further shares invaluable tips on business categories and SEO, navigating YouTube for boosting SEO, alongside DIY strategies versus hiring SEO experts.
If you aim to transform your digital presence and reach your audience effectively, this enlightening episode will demystify the intricate web of SEO practices. Reach out to Richard for more help and advice. 
Topics covered: 
SEO and website optimization 
Website builders and SEO 
Proper use of Header Tags 
Website design for photographers 
SEO and content create for websites 
Using AI for content creation 
Google my business 
Creating video content for business 
You can visit Richards website here: Richard Waine Photography
Check out Richard on Instagram: Richard Waine Instagram
Follow Richard on Linkedin: Richard Waine Linkedin

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

In this exhilarating 34th episode of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast, host John chats with photographer, mentor, and business coach, Jeff Brown. They delve into the crucial role of mindset and the potential of LinkedIn in propelling your photography business forward.
This conversation highlights the insights Jeff gleaned from his journey as a self-employed individual at 14, to his service in the Royal Navy, and his subsequent plunge into photography. They discuss overcoming imposter syndrome, crafting effective LinkedIn posts, and how authenticity and ingenuity can help you stay ahead in the hustle and bustle of today's digital world.
This episode also showcases the dynamics of influence and authority on LinkedIn, and how leveraging these can translate into fruitful opportunities for your photography business. Listen now to uncover a treasure trove of information as we decode the complexities of mindset and LinkedIn in the ever-changing realm of photography business.
Cultivating Authenticity and Self-belief for Growth in Photography
Engage in a profound dissection of authenticity's importance in photography business growth in this insightful episode. Learn how being yourself and building trust with your audience can significantly enhance your professional trajectory. This discussion includes strategies on subtly engaging your audience, addressing the pitfalls of heavily sales-based posts, handling imposter syndrome and self-doubt, and fostering self-confidence and belief.
With practical tips on posting and reposting on LinkedIn, this episode strikes the perfect balance between business growth and authenticity. Tune in to discover how you can strengthen your personal and business brand in the competitive world of photography.
Overcoming Adversity with Visualization and Gratitude
In this riveting dialogue, our guest shares his story of overcoming depression and rebuilding life through the power of positive visualization and gratitude. Based on his study of biographies and personal experiences of successful individuals, he underlines that unwavering dedication and belief are the keys to triumph over adversity.
The discussion shifts to a unique method of verbalizing a vision statement and the role of gratitude as a tool to fight negativity. This episode is a testament to the transformative power of a positive mindset in steering your life from difficulties to success.
Persistence and Prioritization: Key to Business Growth in Photography
This insightful episode dives into how consistent efforts can translate into substantial business growth. With practical strategies like setting achievable goals and focusing on tasks generating income, the conversation sheds light on the fundamentals of attaining business success.
From the riveting anecdote of mismatched content to the acceptance of not making significant profits right away, this episode is a goldmine of practical and implementable business growth strategies. So tune in to learn how to use LinkedIn to boost visibility and credibility, steer your business towards the desired results, and accept that growth is a marathon and not a sprint.
Topics covered: 
Photography Mindset and Business
Linkedin growth and content creation 
Mixing personal and business content on social media
Effective Linkedin posting strategies
Repurposing content on social media 
Photographers' mindset struggles and how to overcome them 
Overcoming setbacks
Goal setting 
Photography business growth strategies and mindset 
How you can connect with Jeff: 
Jeff on Linkedin
Jeff's Facebook
Jeff's Books
Jeff's Website
Don't forget to join the Refocus Your Photography Business Facebook Page

Monday Mar 18, 2024

In this episode of "Refocus Your Photography Business," John interviews renowned photographer, Richard Grenfell. Discussing the art of balancing a successful photography business, enjoying life, and exploring the world, Richard shares an intriguing account of his journey. From starting with family and dog photography to mastering boudoir and headshots, he uncovers the secret to maintaining an interesting average of $3,000 per sale with a goal of garnering a revenue of $1 million per year.
With in-depth discussions about mindset, worth, and overcoming challenges in the photography business, Richard offers valuable insights for anyone aiming to expand their venture. Delve into the experiences of two adept photographers and unravel breakthroughs, triumphs, and the importance of mentorship and education in the sector. Learn about the impact of essential decision-making, from leasing a workspace to diligently investing in oneself.
The conversation further explores the dynamics of attracting clients and seamlessly transitions into discussing sales, emphasizing the essence of focusing on an excellent client experience instead of letting sales dictate the business. On a deeper note, it highlights the potency of digital advertising, the art of strategic ad planning, and the common pitfalls in the genre.
Richard also illuminates the essentiality of responsible financial management, sharing secrets from his expedition into portrait photography. With an emphasis on understanding one's figures for long-term success, this episode unearths the critical subjects of pricing and valuing oneself professionally. Tune in and join our growing community to stay updated with more engaging episodes.
Some of the topics covered: 
Building to a $3000 sales average in your photography business 
Specialization in your business 
Mindset and confidence in building and growing your business 
Overcoming lower sales
Cross-promoting multiple genres 
Facebook ads and advertising for boudoir on Facebook 
Building flow and outsourcing 
Importance of having a good financial team
You can find Richard here: 
Richards Website
Richards Photography Facebook Page
Richards Instagram

Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

In episode 32 we interviews pioneering photographer, Brianna Schrader, exploring the game-changing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in photography. From platforms like Chat GPT and Gemini, this episode exposes how AI technology is reshaping not just photography but various aspects of businesses. Learn about Brianna's journey from wedding to family portrait photography and her secrets of achieving a successful work-life balance.
The episode delves into AI's transformative power to streamline operations, illustrating how Brianna harnesses AI for social media planning, content generation, and more. Don't miss valuable insights on tools like Google's Gemini and Chat GPT and their advantages for businesses and the importance of keeping abreast of AI advancements in this fast-paced digital era.
This knowledge-packed session also discusses the impact of AI on lead generation, engagement, and business growth. Listen to real-life case studies on how high-quality content can boost organic leads on platforms like Instagram, revealing just how AI can transform traditional business promotional methods. From finding your niche to mastering targeted marketing, stay tuned to this episode to revolutionize your photography business.
Join Brianna as she shares her experiences on how to navigate the unique demands of various photography genres successfully and why a strategic approach to business is the key to eking out success in the industry. This episode will get you thinking differently about leveraging technology in your venture and spark your curiosity about the future of the photography business.
Immerse in this enlightening discussion and stay ahead of the curve as you leverage AI tools for your photography business. Listen in, learn, grow and ride the wave of AI-driven transformation in the photography industry.
Topics Shared during the episode include: 
Diversifying your Photography Business 
AI's Impact on Photography and Marketing
AI tools for photographers to improve their marketing efforts 
Using Bard (Gemini) and ChatGPT
AI Technology and its applications in Photography 
Using AI to improve Instagram Marketing for Photography
Photography business strategy's and social media marketing 
You can find Brianna here: 
Brianna's Website 
Brianna's Shy Heart Studios Photography Instagram 
Brianna's AI Coaching Instagram 
Brianna's AI Course on PhotoBizX

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Welcome to episode 31 of the Refocus Your Photography Business Podcast! This episode features an exciting conversation with Pete Coco, an outstanding headshot photographer based in Long Island, New York. Pete shares his journey into the photography business, revealing the initiatives that propelled his rise in the industry. Packed with useful advice, background experiences and personal anecdotes, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to venture into photography or establish a successful enterprise.
We dive into Pete's role as a mentor and coach, discussing his extensive influence within the photography community. His YouTube channel with its impressive following is a testament to his photography prowess and teaching skill. Hear Pete's incredible transition from an upright bass player with a doctorate in music to an awe-inspiring photographer and educator. Even amidst a pandemic, Pete found a way to pivot and profit from his passion, serving as an inspiration for those feeling stuck or considering giving up on their dreams.
In addition to exploring business and personal growth aspects, we look at the importance of mentorship and the value of perseverance in the face of challenges. The conversation further addresses practical elements of setting up a photography business. We also highlight the misconceptions associated with entrepreneurship and the importance of balancing expectations with reality, particularly when investing in business equipment.
The episode further delves into business strategies, focusing on pricing, portfolio building, and maintaining a growth-oriented mindset. It underscores the need to create value in your work and to structure your goals for success. The discussion offers precious tips on being selective with your projects, dealing with criticism in constructive ways, and building a strong brand and reputation among your clientele.
Tune into this episode packed with invaluable insights, inspirational anecdotes, practical advice, and tips to enhance your portfolio, regardless of your specific photography genre. Peep into Pete Coco's coaching group and witness how this enriching episode could steer your photography business into directions unexplored.
Topics shared during this episode include: 
Making the career change from musician to photographer
Overcoming struggles in your photography business 
Entrepreneurship, mindset in photography
Entrepreneurship, mindset in running a successful business
Gear and what is needed to be successful
Pricing and building your photography business
Setting expectations for your clients 
Client interaction
Photography business skills 
You can find Pete here: 
Pete’s Website
Pete’s Youtube Channel
Pete’s Facebook Group 
Get mentorship with Pete 
Pete’s Instagram
Pete’s Twitter Account 
Don’t forget to join our Refocus Your Photography Business Facebook Group. 
Join our Refocus Your Photography Business Facebook Group 

Friday Feb 02, 2024

One of the most important things about your photography business isn't the photography but it is setting goals. This week we are going to talk about what it looks like to set your goals using the SMART method to make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. 
Regardless if you are setting your goals for the year in January or February this podcast is for you. 
During the podcast I make a reference to the book "Profit First." It is a MUST for anyone who is building and growing your business. 
If you haven't subscribed to our podcast make sure you do so and also be sure to hop on over to our facebook page and follow us on Facebook. 


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